Heinz Naumann – Wattefabrik was founded by Heinz Naumann in Freiburg 1951 starting with the production of cotton based products for the upholstery and duvet industry.


A new factory is built in Waldkirch, Waldmattenstrasse 4, which remains the firm’s location until today.  Thanks to technological innovations, the firm starts to dedicate itself to the production of duvets, mattress protectors and pillows.




Georg Naumann joins his father in the firm.


Georg Naumann takes over from his father. The firm is renamed Heinz-Naumann Steppdeckenfabrik – Inh. Georg Naumann.  Together with his wife Elisabeth Naumann, he starts producing beddings based on ecological standards.

The firm focuses on being a small scale assembler of natural materials with the right mix of mechanical and manual work.  Over time the range of fabrics and fillings used is expanded and the proportion of certified materials (German kbA and kbT, respectively controlled biological plant and animal farming) grows. The same sustainability standards are applied to the production site in Waldkirch.


Naumann installs sun panels on the roof of its factory.  This installation covers a large part of the firm’s energy needs.


Energy costs are further reduced thanks to an air-to-air heat pump. Greater emphasis on renewable energy.


Naumann gets certified GOTS by the certification firm Ceres GmbH




The firm is renamed Naumann Steppdeckenfabrik GmbH
Maria Ungefuk is hired as new managing director


Purchase of a new quilting machine and stream lining of the production process. Larger sizes up to 270x270 cm are now also on offer.